Monday, 28 July 2014

On thoughtful stashing. What stash?!

I read an interesting blog post the other day by Debbie/a Quilter's Table on successful stash building where she led back to an original post by Jeni/In Color Order. Jeni's original post was basically a guide to having a decent sized balanced stash. Debbie added that it is equally important to build a stash full of fabrics that suit YOU and your style.

Me? Well after reading and nodding along I decided that while I agree with what both girls say, it really doesn't apply to me. You see, I don't actually have a stash that I build. After over five years quilting this is ALL my fabric. And the pile on the top right isn't quilting weight cotton.

Actually, that's a wee lie to say I have no more fabric. Here's my scraps. And the overfull box on the bottom is solids.

Meagre, right? But it is deliberately done. While I find it nice to have enough fabrics to be able to whip up little somethings on a whim, when it comes to planning a quilt? I really enjoy the choosing and buying of fabrics, it's a major part of my prep work and it's the only time I browse fabrics. I'm not a fan of fabric shopping unless I have a project in mind (I know, right?) which I think helps the non-aquiring since I'm rarely tempted. Coz I don't see fabric!

So when it comes to stash building? I choose not to. Am I alone? Surely not. Am I?!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

a pretty (cool) wee thing

My mate turned 40 yesterday (she's exactly a week older than me!) and during a conversation about cultivating old-lady-like hobbies she mentioned wanting to start some crochet. Now my own crocheting is a bit stop/start but I was gifted a beautiful little tidy for keeping all my hooky bits in from Jo. It has been a lifesaver. So I shamelessly copied it to make one for the birthday girl. 

I even sacrificed some precious (but appropriate!) Geekly Chic for the outer casing.

The inside is a wee pin keeper, the crochet hook channels and a see-through pocket at the bottom.

I hand stitched the binding watching the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony! I'm not entirely convinced how it was received but I was really pleased how it turned out. That sentence works for both the ceremony AND the tidy, I think!

 I had some pretty fabrics arrive when I was on holiday and had some bargain Tula Pink purchased just before we left for Tenerife, too, but it's been too hot to do much sewing this week. Which is a shame since I've been off work all week! Still, it's to rain tomorrow (bye bye 27C) so I might get some machine time before the Monday gloom sets in. 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tenerife in Brief

Ha! There's a song in there. I shan't bore you with a blow by blow of our holiday. Suffice to say the weather was perfect (high twenties so not too hot and some cloud cover to cool us down) we ate far too much (although a dodgy belly meant I actually lost four pounds......yay? Not so much, actually) and generally had fun fun fun.
We of course did the ubiquitous trip up Mount Teide. This photo makes me giggle - that's not glare. My legs ARE that white! 

Where it was surprisingly windy! My wee girl ain't so wee anymore, is she?

I met the Dark Knight at the beach one day. He's actually a statue outside a toy shop. We share a colour palette, though.

And Chookie did us proud be snapping another decent photo of us. We only get photos of the two of us together on holiday and they are always a battle. Spouse had a Chandler Bing on-cue smile. ie. Bloody terrible. And in the first four shots from this reel? He is doing Joey's "smell the fart" thoughtful face. But this one's no bad.

But most of the holiday? Was spent here. I love this photo - THIS is how Spouse looks when he smiles naturally. Chook is kid-on farting, hence the peals of laughter!

We visited Siam Park (the whole reason for visiting Tenerife in the first place) but really Chook isn't so much a flumes-and-adventure-chick as a guddling-about-the-pool-girl. And we found Tenerife very .....touristy. Which is fine if you just like the heat and places to entertain your kids. But it's not for us. I think quiet wee Menorca has spoiled us for non-Brit food and the general slower pace of the whole island. So next year? I suspect we'll be Menorca bound! 

And this week? Well since getting home at 4am on Saturday and doing the 6 loads of holiday laundry I've been catching up on household chores (tidying the garden, geting the messages in), clearing wardrobes and painting! The new double glazing necessitated glossing window sills - that's me done for the year now, though. No more DIY. Honest. I've said that before haven't I? Twice. But I've also been helping Chook set up her birthday fish tank. The cycling has finished and today we brought home a Betta and two Ghost Shrimps. It looks amazeballs!! Tomorrow we're spending birthday money in HobbyCraft and I have a visit with a dear friend planned and hope to actually *gasp* make it into the sewing room. Shocking, I know. Good job I'm on holiday from work, eh?

P.S. Yeah, I'm also hoping to get back to replying to comments!! But I will never catch up on my blog reading, I see a big "mark all as read" button push coming. *sad face* Did I miss any huge news? 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

hooray, hooray

It's a holi-holi-DAY! I'll be brief coz the hotel wi-fi here in sunny (but not too hot) Tenerife is a bit erratic.

We started out here

Why is it always freezing on planes? Chook's new birthday hoodie from Granny was put to great use!

But it was worth it to end up here. Pretty view from our balcony, yeah?

And - as always - lots of fun in the pool.

No pics of me on my phone but I'm here too, honest! We've been to a medieval banquet with jousting, a Chinese themed water park and are touring up a volcano tomorrow! Quite looking forward to a week at home to recover! 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

finish along quarter 3 proposal

Oaft. I didn't do so well last quarter. In fact, all but number 1 here are carried over.  Oh well, you've got to have something to add in, right? Right.

1. The critters churndash. Now, to be fair I'm waiting on Mustang fabric to finish this. But the Cotton & Steel bolts have landed in the UK so it shouldn't be languishing long!

2.The cathedral cushion. This is about 2 years old and only needs its back put on. It will take about an hour (including zip insertion!) so no excuses for not finishing it!

3. The cat coasters. My daddy brought me this kit home from Las Vegas when he was there in the spring of 2010. So these are long past being put together!

4. The Christmas.......thing. I was given this checked fabric in a "Fugly Fabric Swap" by Wee Sarah a bunch of years ago and I bought the Christmas fabric not long after. With a view to make a table runner, I think. Well. What I really need now is festive placemats. But I haven't a clue what to go for so these are still languishing. It would be nice to make some progress.

5. Baby Love. I get the feeling this might be on all the fal lists this year! But I'll keep attempting to finish (start!!) the hand quilting on it.

So. Challenge set. Lets go!! 
Finish Along 2014

Thursday, 10 July 2014


Yup, the Chook turned twelve today. Yikes! 

There was a pile of parcels from the spouse and I. A new Breyer model pony, some clothes, an awesome bag (I want it!) and some bits and bobs. She really got a mobile phone but she's had that for a few weeks.

There was also a fabulous pair of Tuk shoes with owls on them.

And a Batman dress. *g* Happy Birthday groovy chick!

She also has a pile of cash, clothes, and a fishtank from Granny and Pop which will need to wait til we're home from Tenerife to be set up. Our flight is tea time tomorrow.  Yay! Although I've just realised I've not done my Finish-along quarter 3 post. Rats.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

15 years

It doesn't feel like so long ago I wrote my ten years ago post. But today is 15 years since I got married.

Yikes, time flies. Although looking back I do get a giggle over how naive I was. I'm not quite 25 here. Nice pins, tho!

Chris the best man is still local. Now with a family of his own and a few more grey hairs! Although my Spouse (on the left) has no hair at all these days! Not on his head, anyway. Heh heh.

These girls are still my mates - we do ice-cream Sundays regularly (except for the one who emigrated!)

But it's all about this bloke here, innit?

He's okay, my spouse. *g* 

I've done a quick tally. 15 years = 1 flat, 1 house, 1 child, 7 jobs, 11 cars (not including 3 project motors), 2 gerbils, 5 rats, 2 cats, a handful of fish. 0 fights. *coughs* I may have fibbed about that last one. Love ya, Al!